Monday, February 8, 2010

MBT - the anti-shoe

I've meant to watch a dvd that came with my MBTs before I told you about them.  When I went to play it today, it didn't work.  Oh well, on to the most asked about item I have (even more than my bike)!

I've been seeing MBTs advertised in magazines for years.  I am also out of shape and have had back problems due to lack of core strength (or 4 kids, not sure which came first).  It took MBT coming out with a non-medical looking mary-jane style of shoe in red and it being in my local athletic store to consider buying them.  "What?"  "The style that I want is discontinued?"  Well, that was my $aving grace (see below).

According to their website, and probably their DVD, MBTs help you have proper alignment when standing and walking.  They engage your core to create more strength.

MBTs are comfortable.  When my back has been tweaked, they make it easier for me to walk.  The first week I wore them, muscles hurt that I didn't even know existed.  Now, I don't notice aching.  Does this mean they aren't working?  I have no idea.  I don't feel "more in shape" since I've been wearing them.  What I do know is that they feel good when I run around doing what I do.  They're not fancy, but as decent a look as any normal tennis shoe.  Online they have some cuter styles.  I guess if people saw cute in advertisements, they'd think the MBTs wouldn't work as well?

Footwear etc recommends that you order 1/2 size bigger.  This was true for me.  I also have a wide foot, and these are comfortable, even with socks.  So, I'm not sure how you'd fare if you had a narrow foot.  They are comfortable to stand in, in a way that my Danskos have never been.  In fact, my Danskos have given me blisters and aches when worn for extended periods of time.  My MBTs get a bit stinky when not worn with socks.  It would be great if they could combine Geox's ability to breathe with these, but oh well for now.

What was $250 (yes, for a relatively non-cute pair of shoes) in my local store, was $99 on-line at footwear etc.  In looking them up today, they are up to $130, but it's better than $250.  These came so fast.  I ordered them in the afternoon one day and they came the next morning from their east-bay distribution center.  Amazing service.  No tax or shipping.  Normally they don't take returns, but do for MBTs.


Update:  Even though our local summer isn't producing much heat, my shoes are running hot.  I don't wear socks in the summer and the shoes have been getting sweaty.  Well, really, it's my feet getting sweaty, but it doesn't help the shoes any.  My solution was to look for these in sandals.  Back to my local shoe shop, I tried the sandals on.  Comfy, but again $250.   Back to my resource of online shopping I went.  Unfortunately the "cuter" versions were not as deeply discounted as the previous style I purchased.  That's what I get for shopping with a need, in season.  3 weeks of vacation was upcoming the next week.  Lots of heat and walking.  I had to get these.  I tried to use Orthosandals as a substitute, but they rubbed my feet on top and made owies.  So, I went and in less than 2 days I had my sandals.   $200 that I do not regret spending.  I have worn them everyday since receiving them, walked miles and miles, drove miles and miles and so on.  This is saying a lot because I don't have a lot of disposable income right now.  They are worth every penny.