Saturday, January 9, 2010

A camping we will go - Camp Caddy Portable Organizer

We are serious car campers!  We try to add a couple of "cool" very useful items per year.  We drive a big truck with packs on top and sometimes off the back.  We added the Camp Caddy in 2004 and have been getting "oohs" and "aahs" ever since.

In my opinion, the most useful thing the Camp Caddy does is hold a garbage bag.  "What" you say?  "Hold a garbage bag"?  Well, if you've ever car camped and tried to hook your trash bag to a nail or a tree or a table without it falling over or ripping, you'll appreciate how useful this is.  In addition to holding a trash bag, it holds paper towels, condiments AND a lantern.

I know of two camping friends we've camped with that have added this to their repertoire  of camping gear because they see it's value.  This handy item can clamp to most picnic benches.  If the bench happens to be too thick, it comes with a different bottom to pound into the ground.  It's height is adjustable and compactly is put away into a nylon draw string bag.

We originally purchased ours from Cabela's for $30.  I do not believe they are still selling it.  In doing a search, I came upon A Happy Camper who has it for $20 (not including shipping) and The Camping Station where it is currently $29 (again, no shipping included).  Check it out, you won't be sorry.

One note is if you need to use the ground stake to hold your Caddy up, pound it in before you attach the other levels.  If you pound it in when it is assembled, the pieces will stick together.  Just ask my husband, he'll tell you it's a pain to separate them when this is done.

Happy Camping.