Tuesday, November 3, 2009

iPhone transport - the Danglet

Danglet by Collins America

This is an amazing item that enables me to carry my iPhone with me without using a purse or pockets.  Yes, it holds the phone.  It plugs into the charger/dock port on the bottom of the phone.  I've used it on a 3G and 3Gs and it is sturdy.  I'm really surprised the Apple stores aren't selling this.  It's the only simple solution to pocket-free toting of your phone without bulky clips and covers.

I would be remiss if I didn't tell you that I have had a couple of problems.  Once, the Danglet detached due to a flaw.  It was in the car and my phone fell in my lap.  Collins America replaced it with no problem and many apologies.  My second issue is that the neck strap clip failed after a few months of use.  This is not a big deal since I've put a sturdier and slightly more fashionable one on.  These problems have not detracted me from using it.  I truly believe it was a randomly defective piece and have had no problems since.

http://www.collinsamerica.com/page4/page4.html is where you can find it.  $14.99 + s/h

Prior to the Danglet, I used the hangman.  It is no longer available and I prefer the Danglet anyway.

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