Monday, August 9, 2010

Two-Bushel Wheeled Hamper

Canvas wheeled basket - 2 bushel

I love this item.  It was originally a stuffed animal holder.  It's next life was a skateboard/scooter holder.  It's newest reincarnation is a laundry hamper.  So much so, I am designing 2 of them into my kids' new bathroom.  Problem...I purchased mine many many years ago at The Museum of Useful Things.  They are currently out of stock in this lovely item.  Remarkably, the price of $120 hasn't changed over the years.  It has been written up in design blogs, maybe this is why it isn't available any more.

Thorough searching led me to where they have the same looking cart for $182.   I tried to sweet talk my brother into selling me his.  He promptly found it on Ebay for $100/+$20 shipping.  I am going to try calling MUT to see if they have more coming in.  I am a loyal customer and love their products.  If they fail me here, Ebay, here I come.